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This powerful and insightful selling tool will be a key driver of our sales success moving forward.
Client CEO
The ROI model prepared by Hobson & Company has had a significant impact on 7 out of 10 deals where used.
Director of Sales Operations, Content Management Client
The ROI work has helped us close and upgrade a few very big clients (>$500K) and continues to help propel our large enterprise deals. Our prospects have been very pleased with both the custom business case and tools we provide to support their internal selling process.
Shane Lennon, VP of Marketing, Context Media
By showcasing and defending the breadth of value Passkey provides, we closed a key deal at a price that was 5 times greater than our initial quote.
Tim Durant, SVP Marketing & Sales, Passkey
Channelwave has the best ROI calculator in the industry, where the value of Partner Relationship Management is fully quantified
AMR Research
Our sales team has been using the ROI Calculator with much success to help close deals. It has helped us acquire some of our largest customers; and typically helps us close 2-3 new deals per quarter.
Vice President Sales, Vocus
The Hobson & Company ROI model has been very helpful in moving a number of our deals past the selection committee and through to approval.
Stacey Wells, Director of Marketing, Managed Objects
Business users and CIOs want more ROI analysis and strong validation. Hobson & Company provided us with a powerful and flexible tool to meet these needs.
Michael Gear, Sales Manager, Context Media
The ROI tool has already had significant impact on several 7-figure deals for our company. We would highly recommend Hobson & Company to anyone looking for a serious ROI tool that gets results.
Chief Evangelist, Collaboration Client
ROI analysis has helped us up-sell current customers and build validation cases. One client even agreed to lead an ROI webinar after better understanding and realizing key sources of value.
Director of Marketing, Managed Objects
The ROI model prepared by Hobson & Company has had a significant impact on 7 out of 10 deals where used.
Director of Product Marketing, Content Management Client
Our buyer was very grateful for the framework, benchmarks and in-depth operating understanding we could provide. The TCO analysis was critical in expanding their consideration set and ultimately to closing the deal.
‚ÄĚJason Hersh, Director of Business Development, NetByTel

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